In Depth Inspection

  • Services:
  • General pre-closing home inspection
  • Pre-listing home inspection
  • New Home Construction inspection
  • Builder’s Warranty Inspection
  • Free quotes and initial consults
  • Courtesy re-inspections after repairs
  • Individual component inspection
  • Fast and thorough 
  • Friendly and knowledgeable 


List of Items Inspected:

I inspect for structural integrity.
Grading and Drainage
I inspect the area around the foundation, to see that it allows for proper water drainage.
Roof Coverings
I inspect for proper installation and integrity of roofing and flashings.
Roof Structures and Attics
I inspect for proper insulation, framing, and ventilation.
Walls Interior/Exterior
I inspect exterior walls for any signs of damage, wear and/or water penetration. I inspect interior walls for any signs of damage, wear and structural integrity.

Ceilings and Floors
I inspect for damage and wear.
Doors Interior/Exterior and Windows
I inspect for damage, wear, proper installation and water penetration
I inspect for proper installation, support and damage
I inspect for proper drafting, integrity and potential fire hazards

I inspect for proper installation, care and maintenance
Electrical Service Entrances and Panels/ Electrical Brand Circuits, Connected Devices and Fixtures
I inspect for proper installation, sizing and possible electrical hazards.
HVAC (Heating and Cooling Equipment/Ducting Systems)
I inspect for proper function, heating and cooling, and integrity
Plumbing supply, piping, drains and vents
I inspect for proper function, drainage, and signs of leaks.


Water heaters
I inspect for proper installation, use and function.
Gas distribution Systems
I inspect for proper materials, bonding, and leaks.
I inspect for proper function and signs of damage
Landscape Irrigation systems
I inspect for proper function.
Swimming pools/Spas/Hot Tubs
I inspect for functionality, proper installation of equipment, and wear and tear on equipment and fixtures.
I inspect for items that may include structure, foundation, electrical, and plumbing.
Private Water Wells
I inspect for function, individual components, water quality and flow rate